Gallery Hero Press Kit

Gallery Hero

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Rasterzone Entertainment, LLC
  • Location: Based in Dearborn, Michigan
  • Credits: Credits Page
  • Release Date: August 17th, 2016 (Android and iOS, worldwide)
  • Website:
  • Platform Pages:
  • Price: First 20 levels are free. $2.99 for the full 60-level game.
  • Rating: E for everyone
  • Install Size: ~60MB
  • Social Media Pages:

Android Minimum Requirements

  • Android version 4.0
  • ~60MB storage

iOS Minimum Requirements

  • iPhone 4 or iPad 2
  • iOS version 7.1.2
  • ~70MB storage.


Something strange has taken over the gallery! Paintings have mysteriously vanished from their frames. In Gallery Hero, play through 60 fun levels and solve the puzzles to recover the artwork.

Gallery Hero is a tile-based puzzle game, where the goal of each puzzle is to clear the most tiles with the least number of moves. Tiles are cleared by matching colored sides. The player is given up to four tiles, which are used to make matches with tiles on the game board. The player is rewarded with bronze, silver, and gold stars depending on how well they do. Each of the six paintings can be recovered by earning bronze stars, but the game challenges the player to go further and collect all the gold stars to unlock a secret item.


  • 60 unique puzzles
  • 6 art pieces to rescue
  • Numerous challenge types: move limited, time limited, blackout, and more!
  • Unlock all the gold frames for a secret surprise (It's worth it!)
  • Memorable soundtrack to play along to

Press Coverage


Gallery Hero is Rasterzone's first game. Rasterzone Entertainment, LLC is a small business based in Dearborn, Michigan. Founded in 2015 by Alan Scarantino, Rasterzone focuses on mobile games for gamers of all ages and skills. To learn more about Rasterzone and their games, visit

"Gallery Hero has an interesting backstory. The idea started from my frustration with playing the mobile version of Scrabble. It wasn't just the ridiculous amount of ads in between every move. It was also the fact that the computer had the awfully large advantage of knowing every obscure word in the dictionary! Which I don't, so it wasn't very fun for me. I thought I could do better, so I started re-imagining Scrabble as a simpler game with colored tiles, rather than letters. The tricky part was figuring out how the game should end. I brainstormed about reversing the gameplay, and that idea resulted in a game with a very simple objective: "clear the board". It may not sound like much of a new idea, but that decision opened up the possibilities for all sorts of challenges.

Originally, the player was supposed to receive a new player tile after each move. Before I got to implementing that, I was testing the game and found myself clearing the board with the same four player tiles! I thought it was a fluke, so I tried several other random boards. And sure enough, I was able to do every one. From that, Gallery Hero's unique gameplay style was born."

 -Alan Scarantino, Creator